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Getting to know CPG founders and their brands is my favorite thing.

My name is Abby June Richards. I'm a CPA in Texas with a passion for consumer products and desire to help founders in the CPG community reach their goals for their brand. I have 22 years of experience in accounting, technology, ERP implementation, and bookkeeping. My special talent is being able to see the big picture and end goals and relate it to the details and next steps. I can help you develop a plan, then lead a team to execute it.

Community and Growth drive everything I do. I care about the quality of food in my community. I support growth for you by establishing and optimizing finance & accounting processes and software. Creating systems for transaction processing and close management is essential to feel confident that your business is in the right position for the next stage. Empathetic leadership helps me build community in my work, in addition to engagement and volunteering in the larger CPG movement. Creation and delivery of engaging training and development supports expansion and skill-building for you and my team.

See more about my services or let's get started today!

“Abby is an exceptional individual whose positive energy, dedication to relationships, meticulous work ethic, and passion for teaching set her apart."

Kevin McMonagle, Partner at RSM

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