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I help CPG founders "know their numbers."

  • Profitability analysis

  • Finance leadership

  • Forecasting

  • Modeling

Struggling with cashflow or fundraising?


I can help you scale your CPG brand.

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My name is Abby June Richards. I'm a CPA in Texas with a passion for consumer products. I have 22 years of experience in accounting, technology, ERP implementation, and bookkeeping. My special talent is being able to see the big picture and end goals and relate it to the details and next steps. I can help you develop a plan, then lead a team to execute it.

Community and Growth drive everything I do. I care about the quality of food in my community. I support growth for you by establishing and optimizing finance & accounting processes and software. I build community in my work with empathetic leadership and volunteering with organizations like DFW CPG and SKU.

My Clients Say

"I made the best decision for my startup when I chose to work with Abby. Preparing to pitch my business to investors, I realized the importance of thoroughly understanding my financials. Thanks to Abby, I now approach my financials—and my first fundraising round—with newfound confidence. Her expertise as a CFO and CPA has been invaluable to my startup's success."

Narell Vasquez, Founder & Product Creator at Full of Beans Kitchen

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